May 16th, 2017

Overview/Background It appears that the initial attack vector is an encrypted Zip as an email attachment. This contains JavaScript files that kicked off the WannaCry Ransomware. There are also a number of other names for the basic attack which is called Wanna (i.e. WannaCry, WCry, WanaCrypt, WanaCrypt0r and Wana DeCrypt0r). It encrypts files and changes […]

What happens when the lights go out?

February 20th, 2015

A recent experience while out shopping at the weekend illustrated the value of Business Continuity planning. It was Saturday lunchtime and just as I reached the check-out of an out-of-town retailer, the lights went out.  An ominous silence momentarily descended on the store.  Because it was a light and airy ‘shed’ we weren’t plunged into […]

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining…?

February 13th, 2015

I confess.  I used to be a Cloud sceptic.  I was concerned that the potential downsides, particularly concerns about privacy and cost outweighed to upside. I believe that the situation today has changed significantly.  These risks remain but the cloud environment has become a lot more competitive.  Competition has brought with it a far greater […]

It’s been a busy couple of months on the Cyber Security front

February 4th, 2015

In mid-December, President Obama announced a number of new Cyber Security measures.  In late January, I was in the audience for the 50th Appleton Lecture, organised by the IET, at which James Quinault CBE spoke about ‘Cyber Security: why we should be worried and what can we do about it’.  In late January, on a […]