Geoff Lewis - BeefJack ltd

BeefJack was founded in 2008 with a single idea in mind: to be a different kind of games company.

Beefjack operates a number of websites devoted to gaming that attract substantial amounts of traffic. Whilst popular sites are good for business, they can also be a magnet for hackers that are keen to identify and exploit vulnerabilities for their own malicious purpose.

One of their sites suffered a significant and sustained attack at the beginning of the year that their existing provider was unable to prevent. Beefjack decided that it was time to get some better professional help with their web security. They now use Nascenta’s Webscreen service which pro-actively monitors websites, cleans up infections and maintains a back-up of the website to aid speedy remediation.

“Alongside developing innovative games, Security is our top priority. If your site gets hacked the commercial and reputational consequences can be substantial. I believe that it is better to pay an expert third party to protect our websites and customers rather than divert our internal resources and that it's important to have a very strong partner for it. Thankfully, we have found Nascenta’s WebSafe service to be a cost-effective way to address the challenge of securing our websites and as company they have been swift and very effective at delivering for us.”

The Benefits of Working with Nascenta

tick Understanding SMBs & SOHOs - We understand the systems and technology used by smaller enterprises.
tick Realistic and Pragmatic - We match the controls to your risks and budget
tick Expertise in Information Security - Avoid the common pitfalls of information security - keep your systems operational and secure.
tick People-Centric - Our approach recognises that half of SME breaches are caused by people.