Peter Brady - Orbital Media ltd

As one of the UK’s first specialist social media marketing agencies, Orbital Media has grown steadily since its inception in 2003. It has acquired a string of awards for its development of apps, games and social media campaigns for an increasing number of major global brands.

“We decided that securing our data and that of our clients and end-users was critical to the future of the business. Waiting for a breach before upgrading our information security just wasn’t an option for us.”

After an initial meeting to clarify Orbital Media’s requirements, Nascenta proposed a solution based around a cost-effective Network Attached Storage server alongside a high performance firewall and enduser protection software.

This customised solution provides high levels of performance and security and integrates well with both the working culture at Orbital Media and their existing Apple workstations.

“Nascenta helped us clarify our requirements and then implemented the solution with minimal impact on our day-to-day operations. We are confident that we now have a system that not only works today but which will also support our future growth. Furthermore, our customers are reassured to see that we take security seriously. This builds their confidence in working with us, leading to better long term relationships.”

The Benefits of Working with Nascenta

tick Understanding SMBs & SOHOs - We understand the systems and technology used by smaller enterprises.
tick Realistic and Pragmatic - We match the controls to your risks and budget
tick Expertise in Information Security - Avoid the common pitfalls of information security - keep your systems operational and secure.
tick People-Centric - Our approach recognises that half of SME breaches are caused by people.