Features of WebSafe

Automate the Backup Process

No more manual backups as automated offsite backups are integral to WebSafe. You can securely download a zip of your website contents at any time from our servers through your control panel.

Malware Scans and Vulnerability Patches

WebSafe continually monitors for threats and vulnerabilities. Should malware be detected or a vulnerability discovered WebSafe will notify you. A patch will be uploaded automatically to your live website pending your authorisation.

Accessible Library of your Website Over Time

If at any point there's a loss of data, or if you'd prefer to revert to an earlier version of your website, WebSafe gives you the control to select a specific copy of your site from the past and restore to a fully functional working version within a few clicks.

Block Unauthorised Changes and Malcious Code

You'll be notified of any changes detected on your website. If this turns out to be a malicious change you can erase any damage by automatically uploading the latest verified version of your website to your host.

Website Checked Against Known Blacklists

The last thing you want is for search engines to black list your business. WebSafe checks known blacklists for mention of your website(s). You'll be notified immediately if an issue is detected, giving you the chance to react before damage is done.

Support in a Crisis

It can be stressful finding your website compromised. WebSafe gives you access to a host of support tools. So we can guide you through every process necessary to get you back on your feet in no time.

Prices and Plans


Backup and Malware Scanning Service


Billed Annually


Billed Annually
Websites Protected 1 Up to 6
Automated Backup Library Up to 10GB Up to 60GB
Regular Malware Scans tick tick
Vulerability Patches tick tick
Control Unauthorised Changes tick tick
Blacklists Checked tick tick